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Winter Time Respiratory Health

An article in “Atmospheric Environment”: microbes and allergens that normally float in moist air will settle and stick to the moisture of our skin and sinuses when the air is dry. This, in turn, increases the risk of infection and asthma.

The article goes on to describe several high tech and expensive ionization systems. In the end, the simple solution is to have a humidifier. My rule of thumb is this: If the heat is on, put on the humidifier.

There is quite a range of options here.  While I love my fancy ultrasonic machine, with a bit of maintenance, a simple vaporizer does the trick. Recently, I even found an excellent low maintenance, anti-bacterial, ultrasonic humidifier at Walgreen’s Drug Store for under $45.

Another Happy Patient (suppressed review on Yelp)

In a city populated by charlatans, poseurs and medical flim flam artists of the highest order, Dr. Lenny is THE genuine real deal. He is a remarkable healer and, more important, a human being who cares about you, your recovery and your ongoing well-being. Plus, he just might have the coolest Doctor’s offices in all the land.

I arrived at his doorstep last July (2013) having crab walked up Broadway from my offices on Union Square, barely able to stand erect and grimacing in anguish at the prospect of forever more looking up to my eleven year old son and thirteen year old daughter from a hunched position – my back had given out and I was in excruciating, persistent agony. In what I would truly describe as miraculous, Dr. Lenny cared for me on a daily basis over the next seven days, slowly but with great confidence bringing me back. I have since that time been almost pain free – something I had not experienced in over ten years – and my weekly visits keep me in fantastic shape.

I have never been to a chiropractor who has the skills, expertise, empathy, and uncanny ability to read the patient so accurately like Dr. Lenny. Truly gifted and talented.

Thank you!

Heal Faster With Exercise


Why am I plagiarizing this article? Well so I can expand on it! Read on……

“Exercise is essential for good health – we know that and we are aware of its benefits for both our physical and mental wellbeing. But, how can we make small changes to our routines to increase our movement? And do those small changes really make a difference?
Dr Jeremy N Morris died at the age of 99. He was the first person to demonstrate – as long ago as 1953 – that it’s not so much athletic activity that benefits health, but simply the level of physical activity, even when it is just part of everyday life. In his first study, Dr Morris compared the health of London bus conductors who worked on “flat” buses and those who worked on double deckers. The conductors all lived in comparable circumstances, with similar family backgrounds and dietary habits. He found that the conductors on the double decker buses who walked up and down 600 steps per day to check passengers’ tickets, had half as many heart attacks as their colleagues! Later, Dr Morris demonstrated similar results among postal workers, comparing those walking and those at a desk job. Even housework counts as movement! In a study of cleaning women in Boston, researchers found that the simple effort of performing their jobs qualified as exercise and their health significantly improved after a few months. They experienced weight loss, reduction of body fat and blood pressure. So it seems that even a little exercise has its benefits; taking the stairs instead of the escalator, walking to the station or parking a little further from the supermarket can make significant improvements to our health! Isn’t that great news? What other ways can you think of to get your body moving during your regular daily tasks? “

Patients in care often ask what they can do to help me as I correct their spinal distortions. I point out that active patients move through their healing process faster than the sedentary. Of course they may get out of alignment after a work out, but after getting adjusted, they are further along the path of health. OK, so some common sense has to prevail. Distinguishing which activities are creating healthy stress versus those that induce distress is very important. (Did I just write, “healthy stress”?) Oh yes, dead people are stress free. Vibrant living needs stimulation, which is the kind of stress we respond to with “happy hormones”. Bone density and muscle mass are a, use it or lose it proposition. Meningeal distortions are revealed as people move, and then released on subsequent care.

Baby Got Back Pain? (Part II)

BAM! The Role of Impact on Your Spine

If you’ve had any sports- or impact-related spinal injuries (think: car accidents, collisions, falls), they actually show up in your default posture—or the posture your body takes when you’re not paying attention (listen up, slouchers!). Changing this default posture takes a full-scale restoration of your postural feedback system. Fortunately, this isn’t as tough as it sounds.

 The Chiropractic Solution

Our spines are largely self-corrective; however, we do have problems when we don’t have the muscles to shift misaligned vertebrae. Chiropractic methods, such as Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC), take this into account and restore those misalignments that your body can’t self-correct. As the spine heals and necessary seating adjustments are made postural issues and spinal discomforts resolve naturally.

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>“Owner’s Manual for the Body”

>“Owner’s Manual for the Body” Wednesday 10/14/09 7:00 PM
Lifethyme Market is proud to sponsor a talk with two experienced health professionals. Dr. David Miller MD, and Dr. Leonard Rosenblum DC.
The fundamentals for self care will be the focus, with nutritional and physical guidance with respect to preventing illness, and optimal performance in these stressful times.
This will be in the upstairs dining area of the store.

Location: 410 6th Ave. between 8th and 9th Streets
contact store; 212-254-4586,
or Dr Rosenblum; 212-254-4586,

410 SIxth Ave., 10011

>Thyroid a big player in health

>When assessing thyroid health I don’t put blind faith in blood tests, as they fail to pick up borderline deficiencies in activity. If at all suspicious, I recommend the “Broda Barnes Test”.
Have a thermometer ready by your bed, and first thing before you get out of bed, put the thermometer in your armpit, and lie on that side long enough for the full reading. (Women of childbearing age will need to average a week to account for their hormonal cycle.) Temperatures below 97.6 is a sign of ‘hypo’ or under active thyroid. This can account for many symptoms; fatigue, low resistance, fungal infections, adrenal ‘burnout’.

Next week I will go through some simple over the counter steps you can take.

>A Daily Health Regime?

>You know you have one, whether you are aware of it or not.How you behave (be it posture, diet, or even your thoughts) has an enormous influence on long term wellness.Mostly we remain unconscious about these things until there is a problem: like a driver suddenly waking as his tires hit the shoulder of the highway (of course the really obliviousdon’t wake up until the car is rolling down an embankment!).
Do we need the heart attack, spinal surgery, or nervous breakdown, to realize we have wandered off the path of good health?What are the means that we can use to recognize our if our needs are being met?Over the next few weeks I shall attempt to give you guidelines that will let you make better informed health choices.

>Art vs Science in Health Care

>Art vs Science in health care

Yesterday I had to “reverse gears’ with a patient. She felt fine immediately after her first visit. She came back five days later feeling uncomfortable again, I figured it had been too long between visits. So I did my regular technique based on my previous analysis. She got off the table feeling fine and raving about what a miracle worker I was. Until she came in the next day, Oy Vey, she was worse. I humbly set about reanalyzing her, came up with the same results; so I threw them out. I went to work on the opposite side of the body. and the next visit found her greatly improved.
Science has limits of accuracy, cost considerations, and limited windows of time for usefulness.You can’t generally ignore facts, yet you have to recognize their limits and trust your own clinical judgment. It’s the person before me that counts for more than some numbers on a test.

>Allergy Testimonial on the Bioallergenix System


"Thank you Dr. Lenny, I can breathe!  No more sneezing fits, no more 
itching throat attacks! I truly can't believe it, it worked almost
immediately. To start, I am basically allergic to air. Have been for
19 years. This spring I returned to the city at peak bloom. I was
chronic, waking up in the the middle of the night with severe allergy
attacks. My allergies have always and inevitably led me to severe colds
and sinus infections as a result. At the very least, I am usually
exhausted, cloudy headed, and constantly feel like I am coming down
with something. About a week after my first BAX treatment I saw
incredible results. I am sleeping with my window open-unheard of! No
sneezing, and no itching throat. No stuffy nose. The cloudy head is
gone because I am not being triggered. Just the other day I was
around the typical allergy sufferer's chat about the ridiculous high
pollen day and how everyone in town was just dying. Not me! I could
hardly believe I was not a part of this conversation. I am so
grateful for your work with the BAX-3000 treatment. Just a month
ago I would have said this sounds too good to be true. If I sound
over the top, it's because I am left in shock from the results. True
allergy sufferer's only dream of this kind of relief. I did."

-Alison C., NY, NY

>Spring time health actions

>The flowers are popping up and starting to bloom all around us, I know I am enraptured by their sight. Not all of us are so thrilled, some of my friends and neighbors are dreading this event. For them this is a season of suffering with itchy eyes, stuffed noses, and general irritation. There are many ways to deal with this; isolation (not practical or fun), medications (side effects from drowsiness to tumors!- please read the fine print), herbs and homeopathics (better, still time consuming and a bother),. And now the best solution I have seen, the Bioallergenix 3000.
This is a computer aided technology, that integrates radionics, EAV (electro accupuncture after Voll), and laser stimulation of the spine; all to remove the triggers in the nervous system that start the allergic reaction.
So check my website;

>The website is finally re-done!

>I feel pleased with the latest version of my website.
With this done I can start marketing the new BAX 3000 allergy treatment technology.
I figured to advertise on the back of the Village Voice, and maybe another local paper. Whatever I choose, it has to bring in results quickly.
I will have an introductory lecture about the BioAllegenix machine on Tuesday night March 10th, at my office. 873 Broadway, suite 414, near 18th Street. Please call for reservations;

>Hail the new blog

>So I am stepping into some more 21st Century stuff, and that means posting a web log (always hated the name, blog). So whats on tap for this venture; radical opinions, drummer jokes, national top secrets? Well probably my thoughts about healing and health on a cellular, personal, societal, and planetary level. Keep up if you can and raise your hand if there is something you don’t understand.
This is associated with my chiropractic and allergy practice under the name Union Square Spinal Care, located at 873 Broadway, Suite 414.