>Art vs Science in Health Care

>Art vs Science in health care

Yesterday I had to “reverse gears’ with a patient. She felt fine immediately after her first visit. She came back five days later feeling uncomfortable again, I figured it had been too long between visits. So I did my regular technique based on my previous analysis. She got off the table feeling fine and raving about what a miracle worker I was. Until she came in the next day, Oy Vey, she was worse. I humbly set about reanalyzing her, came up with the same results; so I threw them out. I went to work on the opposite side of the body. and the next visit found her greatly improved.
Science has limits of accuracy, cost considerations, and limited windows of time for usefulness.You can’t generally ignore facts, yet you have to recognize their limits and trust your own clinical judgment. It’s the person before me that counts for more than some numbers on a test.

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