Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC) is like no other chiropractic technique. It’s specific—and it’s powerful.

You start by standing—not lying down. The doctor examines each of your vertebrae, also searching for current distortions of your meninges (the tissue that encases your central nervous system). He corrects each one: effectively but gently, and in a way that addresses only that imbalance, and leaves the rest of you undisturbed.

As a result, structural and —from severe, to the kind you can discover delightfully in retrospect—get eliminated. The result is dramatic and immediate. Suddenly:

  • Breathing is noticeably freer, deeper, and easier.
  • Your posture becomes beautifully, effortlessly aligned.
  • Your hips, limbs, and back operate as they haven’t in years—transporting and supporting only what they should, and not pulling with them months or years of accumulated pain, strain, and inflammation.
  • Hormonal imbalances, chronic conditions, and even diseases—elements which depend on the integrity of your spinal system—are notably alleviated.

“After days of pain in my back- and a pinched nerve causing my lower right leg and foot to be completely numb- I sought Dr. Lenny’s care. 

Even after the very first visit I feel relieved— no, transformed. I woke up the next day and was able to walk (and even workout!) – feeling quite refreshed and healthy.

Dr. Lenny is a true HEALER. He is both a skilled physician and a true funny man! He was light and humorous- alleviating any trepidation that I had.. Making each visit a lot of fun, if you can believe it.” -Phoebe J.

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2 responses to “ABC™

  1. Dr Lenny is: A) talented B) compassionate C) modest D) he works for me! E) so go! F) bring cookies

    Carl Silverman

  2. I use to use Dr. Rosenblum before I moved from NYC and he was fantastic. He is one of the most competent chiropractors I know and it is hard to find someone as good as him where I live now.

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