>Keeping the Small Problems Small


Keeping the small problems small is one of my biggest beliefs. We all have the tendency to take life for granted. Culturally we have believed the Earth was put here to be used by mankind. That philosophy has proved to be shortsighted as our population is expected to grow, but not our resources.

Watching for the small hints as to our spinal health can pay big dividends. Do you find you can’t sit or stand straight without a lot of effort or attention? You can wait until you have a stiff neck or a little “twinge” in the lower back. Not yet? How about when you have knee pains, or “pins and needles” in your fingers?

My point being; the sooner you start the process of conservative chiropractic, the less you will need (or want) an “intrusive intervention”. So don’t put off keeping the small stuff in it’s place.

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