>Spring time health actions

>The flowers are popping up and starting to bloom all around us, I know I am enraptured by their sight. Not all of us are so thrilled, some of my friends and neighbors are dreading this event. For them this is a season of suffering with itchy eyes, stuffed noses, and general irritation. There are many ways to deal with this; isolation (not practical or fun), medications (side effects from drowsiness to tumors!- please read the fine print), herbs and homeopathics (better, still time consuming and a bother),. And now the best solution I have seen, the Bioallergenix 3000.
This is a computer aided technology, that integrates radionics, EAV (electro accupuncture after Voll), and laser stimulation of the spine; all to remove the triggers in the nervous system that start the allergic reaction.
So check my website; http://unionsquarespinalcare.com

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