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>The Iodine Test

>This week I will follow up on last week’s analysis of thyroid activity.
If you had a low thyroid condition, the first, easiest, and most common cause is inadequate iodine availabilty. Though we depend on iodine supplemented table salt, the current usage of chlorides and flourides in our water supply work against us. That’s because these are so much more reactive than poor little iodine, that they prevent proper activation of thyroxin (T3).
So now, find a bottle of common iodine, like for cuts and scrapes, and paint a one inch square on your skin. I use the forearm, where it won’t rub against clothing or the body. Time how long it takes to disappear ( get absorbed).
If it takes less than 24 hours, you need more iodine. (I will write about your water supply later on.)
I currently recomend a product called Iodoral, this combines the iodine and iodide forms in a moderate dose and a good price. Take two daily, until your repeated skin tests is negative. Then take one daily as a regular practice, because if you were deficient before you will be again.